Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm back!


Sorry I've been MIA. To tell the truth, it wasn't that I haven't had the time, or that there was a huge blackout in the state of California and I lost access to all things techie.

No. The real reason is... my therapist recommended I stop reading health food blogs. Why? She looked at me and said: "Lexi, you know they aren't good for you." Are they bad for me? I don't know. At the time, I agreed vehemently as I felt guilty about spending so much time reading food blogs rather than accomplishing something.

So I disconnected. I removed blogger dashboard from my tabs. I stopped reading blogs, I stopped writing posts, I just eliminated that part of my life completely. And I was good at it. For about two weeks. Then, on my short vacation up to our beach house in Northern California, I thought to myself: I've been feeling really... depressed lately. Has not reading blogs really helped my recovery? The resounding answer was... No.

Reading about what other people eat can make me feel better about what I eat. It makes me realize that yes, other people eat the way I do (aka, loadser nut butters, snacks, oats up the kazooza...) and I shouldn't feel bad about it. Reading blogs like Amanda's help me feel that I should take care of my body and honor my hunger. Blogs like Emma's encourage me to enjoy exercise rather than just sit on my butt all day and feel depressed, while also fueling adequately for it.

But I have to be careful. Sometimes, especially the day I jumped back into blogs, I find myself waaaaay overdoing it. As in, spending hours and hours reading blogs all afternoon, then taking my laptop to bed with me to read more till midnight only to feel like a zombie. Like many other things in life, I need to incorporate blogs into my life in a healthy, moderate manner.

To do so, is simple on paper, but often hard in practice.

1) Spend at most 2 hours a day reading and writing blog posts.
2) Don't fall into the comparison trap
3) Reap the benefits of healthy living blogs: motivation to exercise, positive energy, a variety of recipe and food inspiration, reassurance about taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally...

So all this to say... I'm back!

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