Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekends... Yoga, running, redecorating, and watching the Fifa World Cup!

Heya bloggies!

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

Yesterday I went to an amazing yoga class with my fave instructor. It's sad that I would be able to come to this studio and see her anymore when I go back to school, but at least I get six weeks off at Christmas so I'll be spending lots of time there :)

We worked a lot on bound angle pose and just opening the hamstrings and groin area in general.

What I love about my instructor is how enthusiastic and alive she is. She is just a very positive person and gladly welcomes fun into her life. She also pushes me (literally!) to do my best and take each pose as far as my body can handle. She will sit on me, push her back against mine to straighten me out, put a block between my knees to keep them from bowing in, and is comfortable using unique methods to correct my stance - but it just makes it all the more interesting!

This morning I went for my last long run before the Wharf to Wharf race next Sunday! My dad and I decided to go to a track near our house to run six miles, as it would be flat, easier on my ankle and hip which have been acting up lately, and good for measuring our distance.

It actually ended up being a sand track - and not at all as beautiful as this!

Well, I've learned that I officially do not like tracks. They're so boring! Around and around and around... No variety... Bleck. And I was not feeling the six miles much at all. Maybe it's because it's that time of month, or because I was feeling tired, or the icky track, but I was lacking the energy and verve I usually carry with me during my runs. I ended up walking halfway around the track and running the other half, for each 1/4 mile. And I was totally okay with that. My goal today was to finish six miles, not to run super fast.

I ended up running six miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes. I know on race day I will be running more and walking much less, so I can definitely cut down on my time. In any case, this race signifies athletic competition at a healthy place, and having fun. A lot of my family will be running too, and the Wharf to Wharf is known for its 40 live bands and festive atmosphere. So if I finish in 1.5 hours or 1 hour, it's okay.

Whoo - tangent much? Anyway, I'm also working on redecorating my room this weekend - I've been painting some of my old furniture silver to match the new furniture I got from Pier 1, and it looks great! I'm super excited for it all to be done.

Jewelry armoire from Pier 1. I love it - it's so perfect for organizing!
I'm also going to OSH with my dad this afternoon (I know, what an exciting life I lead, right?) to buy some more handles for my furniture and copper tape to protect my veggie garden from the evil snails and slugs that have been devouring it. Hopefully I'll have time to bake some banana walnut bread or muffins this afternoon with all of my dying nanners. However, I have yet to come to a conclusion on this weighty matter.

Currently I'm watching the FIFA World Cup (Go USA!) and in general vegging out. I love watching professional athletes compete... Their bodies are so beautiful and muscular. Is that ED of me? I don't know - but I love how toned and strong they look. I would love my body to be pure muscle and able to do all the amazing things they can do. Hey, a girl can dream, right?


Which do you prefer: banana walnut bread or muffins?

Favorite baked good?

What does your weekend look like?

Did you watch the World Cup?


  1. I always love when I find a great teacher for a class. They can make or break the experience!

    I hate running around tracks too, so repetitive! But it still sounds like you had a great run!

  2. So true!

    My run was good - it taught me that we really make our own experience. A run doesn't have to be terrible; if you start out feeling blah, cut your run shorter, or walk more. You don't have to suffer, and really shouldn't. Taking a break doesn't mean you'll never improve. Just getting out there, or just being on your feet for long enough will definitely enhance your running performance.