Saturday, July 9, 2011

Domestic Goddess

Bonjour, my little chickadees.

I have totally been channeling my inner domestic goddess lately.

Though it may not look it, that tomato is still green.

The dog was bathed.

She didn't like it, but she complied. During the bath, she looked like a shivering drowned rat. Afterward, she looked so much whiter, and smelled more like soap and less like fish.

I cooked up lentils for my loverrly lunch. They were delicieux. So soft and mushy and flavorful. Aaaand they were quick to cook (25 minutes start to finish rather than soaked overnight then cooked for two hours).

The great thing about beans in general? They are a wonderful source of protein and carbs. Half a cup of dry lentils fit the bill for my protein and carb needs for lunch or dinner. So simple, satisfying, and yum!
Chard! Harvested from my garden, chopped, and sautéed in EVOO to perfection. I added some carrot chunks at the last minute.

There were lots of these:

Yes, snails looove my veggie garden. It is a tragedy (more on that later.) At first I cut out all the snail holes, but by the end I couldn't be bothered. This piece got cooked and went into my belly. And guess what? I haven't died yet :)

The final product. Chard, carrots, lentils, hummus. In case you were wondering, lentils and hummus are a match made in heaven.

Don't worry, there really were veggies under those lentils ;)

Déjeuner à l'air.
Speaking of harvesting... This is my veggie garden. She is my baby.

One of my darling tomato plants. Early girls. Of my four plants, this was the single one untouched by the deer who meandered into our garden and began munching away. It was very sad.

My dying spinach. Not looking too hot, eh? I blame it on the pot ;)

The snails say: nom nom.
Lexi says: be gone!

Eight-ball squash. I can't wait to harvest it!

Beautiful pink iris that just popped up behind my Early Girls.

Have you been doing anything domestic lately?
Do you enjoy gardening/have a garden?
Do you typically cook up something for lunch (using pots and pans) or do you stick to quick and easy meals?


  1. Hmm, I would never think of lentils and hummus! I bet that is good.