Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goals and Driver's Ed!!

Heya, girlies!

Or, um, guys? Do any guys even read my blog? If you're reading this and have a flat chest, please tell me in the comments below! :)

Aaaaaaanywho, I feel bad that I haven't blogged in the last two days. Why, you ask? Well, this is the long awaited moment (for my parents, at least) *drumroll please*, where I... am taking Driver's Ed! That's right folks, you are looking at (actually, no, you're not looking at me, what am I saying? Er, writing?) you are reading the words of... a driver in training!

Yes, I confess that I never did jump on the whole, "Oooh, I'm 15.5, let me emancipate myself from my parents and be all cool and independent and rebel and be able to drive..." No... I'm about three and a half years behind the bandwagon. In my defense, though, I was living in France at the time of my would-be rebellion, too young and innocent to languish after a French permit de conduite, given only at a mature age (18), for a high price (my friend got a 1 500 euros discount at some point for her driver's license, just to put it in perspective), after a torturous test that most fail their first, second, and third times...

Um, yeah. So all that to say I kind of procrastinated until my parents got sick of driving me around everywhere and I was basically forced to learn to drive. Sooooo that's what I've been doing from 9am to 4:30pm yesterday and today, and will continue doing through Thursday. Then, on Friday, I have the written test! Exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.

Driver's Ed itself is okay - I must admit it is rather odd being a college student amongst a bunch of young, naïve little fifteen and sixteen year old's who are still into high school, cliques, looking cool, etc... But I've survived thus far, despite it all. Sitting in a classroom for seven and a half hours is tiring though, I must admit. After six months spent on emotional work, withdrawn from the world of academia, it was a bit of a shock to plunge back into it, head on. Books, chapters, tests... Bloody hell. By the end of the first day, I was literally falling asleep in my chair - sitting in the front row, mind you. I simply put my face between my hands, lowered my eyelids, and in a moment, I was asleep. We were watching a boring movie about driving, so I suppose that lessens my fault, right? Luckily I was not seen. I did open my eyes again, a while later, while the film was still playing...

Anyway. Today was better. I actually got to liking doing all that reading again, writing in my notebook, filling out tests, checking off correct answers (not so much ticking of the incorrect ones, mind you...) This is extremely reassuring for when I return to school. I quite feared that I would be unable to plunge back into the world of reading, studying, test-taking, lectures... But my passion for Education has been rekindled, and I feel a tender love for the pillar that has always been in my life, always lent me a firm structure to lean upon and find fulfillment in. Academia has been my life for so long - I have poured so much of myself into it, I've given it everything I had, working my fingers to the bone, splitting open my brain to better absorb what my teachers had to give me... and there I was, thinking I had lost our connection. Ha!

Enough weird talk.

I don't have much time to write a proper post, but I will do a review of last weeks goals, which you can find here.

They were:

1) Train for the Wharf To Wharf race (July 24th! Eeek!)
  • Monday: 2.5 mile walk/run (I only ran two miles, because I tried a new route and didn't know how far I'd gone. But I'm okay with that!)
  • Tuesday: rest day
  • Wednesday: 3 mile walk/run -> Actually did a 4.5 mile loop in the hills that was heavenly.
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: 4 mile walk/run -> Again, another 4.5 miler. Great!
  • Sunday: 5 mile walk/run -> I did not want to go, but I went anyway. I way over-hydrated on the first half of the run (3-4 glasses of water! Way overkill. I always drink too much water) so the end was pretty excruciating. But luckily I got to stop home at the end of 2.5 miles (my first loop) and when I was on the road again, I felt much better, but I did feel very tired. After about 4 miles, my hip and ankle (with the tendinitis) started aching, so my dad convinced me to walk the rest of the way home, which I'm glad I did. I definitely don't want to injure myself, especially right before a race! I also realized that I was no longer running for weight loss or weight management. I was running for fitness and for something deeper, more emotionally-fulfilling than looking skinny. If I were jogging for weight-reasons, I would have run every last calorie I could have off. But suddenly it didn't matter if I ran or walked, it just mattered that I covered five miles.

Basically, I accomplished my week's running/ fitness schedule, and I am feeling wonderful about it!

2) Wake up earlier!

So, currently it is 11:13pm. I would have liked to have been asleep an hour or so ago. 

Yeah. That didn't happen. However, I've been forced lately to wake up early-ish for Driving School. Tomorrow I'm waking up even earlier to fit in fartleks before really starting my day. Crazy!

3) Read!

Ahahahaha, aha, a....ha. a.... Yeah, no, it's actually not that funny. 

I did read... half of my driver's handbook, does that count?

I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully! I really don't want anymore homework!) with a recipe involving this:

Can you guess what it will be?


  1. I'm reading this, and I have a flat chest. Yet, I am a female. *Le sigh*

  2. Aww, I'm actually super jealous of you. I wish I less on the chest front than I do. Shall we trade? ;)