Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mystery novels, foam, and loving galore!

It was a cold and foggy morning...

 No? Is that not how it goes? Okay, let's try again.

It was a warm and foamy morning...


Still nay? Okay, maybe I should nix the "write mystery novels with sexy private eyes for a living" idea.

Ah well, at least I have other ideas for my future...

Like personal nut butter Queen.

So, so, so good. Like eating healthy Nutella straight from the... packet?

Seriously. I could advise people on the best nut butters to buy. Stand near the nut butter section of Whole Foods with a little pin on my apron stating "Personal nut butter Queen." Grind their nuts for them... Hand them tubs of 365 Crunchy, Justin's, and DCD? Yes?

Or else I could settle for personal chef to the rich and famous, serving them divine bowls of oats and hand-crafted foamy lattés...

Oats, cinnamon, vanilla, large chopped banana, 365 Crunchy pb. Coffee with almond milk, steamed in my Nespresso... Mmmm. Best way to start a morning.

So as the opening line to my future mystery novel with a sexy private eye would suggest, It was cold and foggy this morning. I decided it was a good matinée to lounge on the couch, savoring a nice warm bowl of oats, drinking a foamy 'latté', and reading a good book.

Oh, and snuggling with this cutie:

By the way, this is what happens when you're trying to read the last sentence of a page:

Give me love, mommy!

How can you deny that face?

Doggy loved, it was time to get onto important matters. AKA, the loving of these two beauties.

Often I go for the volume tricks popularized by Carrie and Katie, but I've found they leave me with a very watery, unsatisfying bowl. I get enough volume with my banana, and it's so much more satisfying and thick.
How can you say no to that?

What is your dream career?
Voluminous oatmeal: yay or nay?


  1. My dream career would be a pediatric neurologist who does research as well. Hello eleven years of post-secondary education :p!

    Btw, thank-you for the the kind post on my "to go or not to go" blog. I'm going to go!

  2. Your dog is a cutie thats for sure! Those portable packets of nut butter look so tasty and convenient, I wish I could find them where I live! I do use the voluminous out trick, but so far I haven't found them to watery by the time I get to them in the morning :)