Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I ate Wednesday and shopping! :)

Ello ello!

How are you today? I've had a mighty fine day. This morning I went for a run/ walk with my dad up in the hills for 4.5 miles. It was amazing! I absolutely loved it. It was hot, but I felt so strong and exalted throughout. I've realize that I can go as long as I want, I just need to take walking breaks. By the end of the run I was pretty beat though.

When I got home, it was 10:20, and I had 40 minutes to get ready to catch the train for my therapist and nutrition meeting! Cue major rushing around.

I showered, dressed, prepped my lunch, and was outta there. I had a good sesh with my Therapist and nutritionist, but more on that tomorrow. I came back on the train, and my mom and I did a little shopping in a used bookstore (<- love those!) and I got two books:

"The Complete Book of Running for Women" but Claire Kowalchick 
and "Married to the Job" by Ilene Philipson.

I'm so excited to read the running book! I browsed through it in the book store and it looked awesome. Lot's of good tips :)
Married to the Job is a little deeper. It was written by a psychologist who believes that Americans are such workaholics not because they want to earn money for their families, buy nice cars, or send their kids to college. They work till midnight then wake up at 6am because work is their life. Their jobs are responsible for their sense of accomplishment, they live for their bosses' recognition, and life outside work is... vacuous.
This is something I have dealt with as a self-admitted workaholic. I actually talked to my therapist about this today. Many people (my mom, dad, therapists) have been encouraging me to take three classes next semester rather than four, so that I could take care of myself. I've been very hesitant to take that course of action as I want to take full advantage of my college education and take as many courses as possible. AKA, don't take it 'easy.' My therapist told me: Recovery, a happy life, is so worthwhile. So much more valuable than not taking a class or two. Well it's still a thought in process.

And check out these amazing prices!

Gotta love second hand stuff.

Speaking of shopping - these are the tops I got yesterday:

I love the detailing on these tops. 
I mean, just look at the thought that went into them:

Love this detailing in particular. The lace, the stitching, cross hatching? Gorgeous

In true food blogger fashion, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and do What I ... Wednesday.

Run/walking - 4.5 miles
Gentle Yoga for 1 hour with a former yoga instructor/nutritionist at my treatment place. She's super nice and upbeat. She offers a body-image yoga class, which I try to attend regularly.


Pre-run snack:

Peanut Butter Puffins with almond milk. 
Plus another handful afterward.
After reading on Emma's blog that she ate a meal without fats before exercise because it made it easier to digest, I decided to do it. It worked beautifully. No GI problems whatsoever. I was so pleased! :)

Mid-morning breakfast/snack eaten on the train:

Lunch in the park (eaten down in less than 30 minutes to go to my 12:30 appointment):

Salad: spinach, 1/2 apple, broccoli, edamame, 
vidalia onion salad dressing (<- best dressing EVER!!)
With two pieces of TJ's Pound Plus dark chocolate after.

And my view:

Afternoon Snack:
Soy hot chocolate. 
Free with a coupon.

Second half of my afternoon snack after yoga:

Chocolate vitamuffin top. 
Preceded by some carrot sticks and a few slurps of my mom's mango smoothie.

Dinner: (unpictured) flax tempeh, sautéed carrots and ginger bits, mashed potatoes and parsnips, hummus. Dessert was one of Amanda's no-bake chocolate cheesecake bites

Evening snack:

Greek Yogurt, pumpkin butter, dried figs, peanut butter. Mmmmmm. So good.

Ok, now it's off to bed with me! Night night :)


  1. A body image yoga class? How cool. I wish my treatment facility had things like that- all it is for me is a monthly weigh in or so to make sure I'm not losing anything.

  2. Yeah, it's pretty nice. She's actually doing it for free, but accepting donations which she sends to NEDA.

    You could probably find a body image yoga class in your area, if you're interested. Yoga in general seems to really help people achieve full recovery.