Friday, August 5, 2011

Meating a long lost friend

Something changed.

Normally, I don't touch eggs.
Normally, I don't cook with eggs.
Normally, I don't eat eggs, unless they're in something pre-made. 
Normally, I keep away from eggs like the plague.

Normally didn't happen today.

I've been reading Amanda's blog for several months now, and admiring her amazing Eggy Bananafied steel cut oats every day.

So why don't I eat eggs, you may ask?

Something about them scared me.

The slimy texture, the nauseating smell of my mother's fried eggs, the association with grease and rich, fatty breakfasts at American diners... I mean, look at that golden yolk. Yes, it may be aesthetically pleasing, but when you really think about it... That is a possibly living being you are ingesting into your body.

I must admit, much of this screams Eating Disorder.

However, Amanda's oats looked appealing, and I thought... okay. The egg white is low calorie (ED thought much?), 'cleaner' and 'purer' than the yolk (orthorexia, much?), and is less animal-y than the yolk (er... irrational much? Yolk, white... It's all the same, right?)

So I took the plunge.

I pulled an egg out of the carton that my parent's keep, an odd gesture in and of itself.
I cracked it - oh, how long has it been since I cracked an egg? A lifetime.
I shivered as I gazed at the golden orb bathing in amniotic fluid.

But I set aside my qualms and separated the white from the yolk, and stirred it into my oats as they cooked.

I've made eggy oats twice now. The first time, I cooked them perfectly - they blended into the steel-cuts well, and the result resembled regular oats.

The second attempt was not so successful.

See those specks of white?
Despite the best of efforts, the egg white set as I slowly poured and furiously mixed it into the oats... I could smell the egg as I leant over my cooking pot, and it kind of freaked me out.

Ah well, nothing that can't be solved when topped with these new beauties...

TJ's Sunflower Seed Butter, and d'arbo raspberry jam. So, so, so yummy. Especially divine together.

See what I mean?

So what's the verdict? 

... I liked it. It plumped up my oats and made them pillowy soft.

On a moral level... It wasn't too bad. I didn't actively feel that I'd stolen a life. I think my real beef(!) with eggs was that I felt they weren't "clean" and perfect plant-based food. I was (am?) afraid of tainting or "dirtying" myself by eating such an 'impure' food. I mean... eggs? They're slimy, embryonic, animal products. Chickens may be cute to look at, but the idea of eating an egg that resided in their loins and been born to a dusty, feather filled coop, crammed up with a bunch of other birds, eating ground bones for sustenance...

... Okay, so I read too many sensational articles about animal cruelty. In any case, I just need to remind myself that:
  • We buy cage-free eggs. Those chickens were happily roaming about, laying eggs left right and center, enjoying a relatively  pleasant life.
  • The eggs we buy in the store are unfertilized... meaning it was unable to beget a baby chick.
  • Eggs are good for you. Full of vitamins and protein and...
Oh, who am I kidding? I don't feel completely sanguine about lauding the virtues of eggs. It feels disingenuous.

I am, however, feeling more comfortable about adding egg whites to my oats. I like the flavor, I like the texture, I like the cohesiveness of the dish. I'm eating this meal... because I want to. Not because it's low-calorie or god knows what else. And that's one more step towards recovery.

Do you eat eggs? Why or why not?

Have you tried eggs in your oatmeal?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I've had problems digesting egg yokes for forever, so for a long time I've just done egg whites. But because of my recent decision to go 100% vegan, I haven't touched them. I can't say I really regret it; the egg industry and me aren't bff and the egg whites them self remind me of my ED days.

    But if it feels good to you, go for it :)

  2. The reasons you listed for not eating eggs sound great! I think in your case, since egg whites were such an ED food, it's good that you're distancing yourself from them. It's also great that you're taking care of yourself and not eating something that your body doesn't like.

    Personally, I don't think eggs will become a staple in my diet, and I doubt I'll be consuming omelets any time soon, but for now, I think getting used to this fear food because of its taste is good for me.

  3. That's great you at least tried them, even if you didn't absolutely adore them you gave them a try which is what really matters! I use egg whites all the time, in my oats especially :)

  4. YEAH!! so happy u tried them!! great great step :)

  5. Yes for eggs!! I shared so many of these feelings for the longest time and I too have admired Amanda's eggified oats :)
    good for you for taking the plunge!
    Now that you've done it, I can too!! Perhaps tomorrow? Prbably not, but it's great for us to begin realizing what makes our EDs tick :)
    glad I found your blog!!