Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The origin and history of my anorexia: 9th grade

The next year, 9th grade, lightened up a bit, but that's when I became obsessed with health. In previous years, I had becoming more health-conscious, and came to believe I had to have a big healthy breakfast every morning. So, I would have oatmeal, or 2 scrambled eggs, with veggies and a croissant or pain au chocolat. Not exactly healthy.
Nonetheless, during 9th grade, I revved up my exercise, doing an hour of badminton on Tuesdays, 3 hours of horse-riding Wednesday afternoons, 2 hours of sports with the school on Thursday afternoons, and 15 minutes of sit-ups/ random stretching and exercise every morning. I also became paranoid about food, and every Wednesday, I was afraid I hadn't had enough to eat, and wouldn't have enough energy for horse-riding. Thus, I would buy an egg and cheese crèpe after school (talk about high calorie!), then when I got home I would probably have a piece of chocolate (another 134 calories there...), and then, driving to the farm, I would have a high-calorie energy bar.
I also started eating more, I think, in general. Hence, weight-gain.

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