Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hmm. I don't know what to write about (that's general enough to start a blog post, right?) I feel like I keep doing this. Posting, then taking a long time off (months!) then coming back and saying 'gee, I don't know what to do about my life... or my blog... bah."

Sooooooooooo... I'm back!! I just read Katie's post on blogging over at her amazing blog Chocolate Covered Katie. She argues that a successful blog is a blog you enjoy writing. I realize that this blog, along with writing in general, has not been pleasant for me. (Ugh. Count how many times I wrote 'blog; just in the beginning of this paragraph. Ick.)The ironic thing is that I have always wanted to be a writer. The problem is that I set huge standards for myself. I have a very all-or-nothing mind set, and I believe that I must write extremely well - perfectly, in fact - or not write at all.

I believe I must write exquisitely (gah! okay, I will admit to you that I just spent about 20 minutes looking for the word I wanted to use. I am a huge vocab-nut, and I thought of this adjective that begins with an 'e' and is usually used to describe writing, but immediately lost it into the dark depths of my sleepy head. It's kind of like exquisite, poignant, expressive... Ah!! Just found it!! eloquent. Such a beautiful, smooth, polished word... so expressive... Eloquent. It ranks on the top of my favorite word list. Wow. You must really think I'm crazy now, huh? Anywho... moving right along...), with style, and attract a huge following - I must be like all the other successful bloggers. I must be upbeat, pleasant, smart, interesting, intriguing, unique, likable - lovable. I must be perfect.

Obviously, this is impossible on a day-to-day level.

I need to relax my standards. So, to do so I came up with a list of guidelines to follow to make sure that I enjoy blogging, and don't turn it into a painstaking and frightening chore.

1) Short posts!
If I know I only have to write a quick little blurb, I'm a lot more likely to do it. I think to myself 'eh, it's only a short little thing, it doesn't have to be perfect.'

2) No self-judgment
I will post what I post, and that is that. This is not a book, published in one shot before I close my eyes for the plunge. It isn't a huge deal. If a write a less-than-perfect entry, who cares? Write, post, and then move on. If I get criticism, at least I put myself out there, exposing myself to the good and the bad. As they say "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

3) Enjoy!
Blogging is a hobby - a time outside of work to let off steam and have fun. If I'm not feeling it, then something needs to change. Maybe my blog's format, maybe its contents, maybe the photos I take! I don't know. But if I'm going to invest time and effort into this thing, I better enjoy it!

4) Reciprocate
AKA - comment on other peoples' blogs. Usually, I read peoples' blogs, but never actually comment on them. Why? The same reason I have trouble writing posts. I feel like this comment has to really mean something. It has to catch the author's attention with its insight and uniqueness. The author should think 'wow - this must be an amazing person, she's so smart! I want to check out her blog right now, get to know her, and be best friends!' Yes, extremely unrealistic. I think this has to do with my insecurities from my childhood, and still today. I feel like no one ever liked me enough to want to go the extra mile to be my best friend. Sad, huh? I have to realize that bloggers get hundreds of comments every day, and they're all about equivalent. Yes, my comment may be brilliant (in a perfect world...), but there are a lot of other brilliant people in this community (hence why I was attracted to it!) and their comments were likely just as interesting as mine. Nothing personal.

Yeah. Four for now. Maybe I'll think of more on my journey through blogging. But right now I'm going to follow step 1 and keep it short and sweet! It doesn't have to be a perfect, exhaustive list of things. I'm tired, it's 1:25 am, and I need mah sleep, gals! Gotta take care of this bod.

P.S. Follow step 4! Haha.


1) Do you feel the pressure to make your posts 'perfect'?
2) Do you keep your posts short and sweet, or long and deep?
3) Any other guidelines you would add?

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  1. Haha this was such a cute post! And I thought of "eloquent" right away! I'm a vocab nut too... words are so much fun! :)