Friday, May 27, 2011

The Alexander McQueen show

Well, in accordance with my post yesterday, I'm writing again today, and I'll try to keep it short, sweet, and enjoyable!

I'm currently in New Jersey, visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin (I live in California.) We've been going up to NYC a lot, to have fun! and an added bonus - my cousin lives there.

I went to the Met (my cousin works there so I got in for free - SCORE!) and saw the Alexander McQueen show where pieces like this were the norm:


Wow. Just wow. The music was low and mournful, the walls were covered in huge, over-sized venetian mirrors, and everything was bathed in a dark, midnight gloom. Three words for you: creepy as hell. Seriously. No exhibit has ever affected me the way the Alexander McQueen show did. I felt completely shaken and spooked out. I probably would have rushed out if it had not been for the sheer number of people in the show. Seriously. It was: walk in, shuffle to the first gown, stand there for five minutes, half observing, half waiting for the people in front of me to move along, shuffle forward two feet, and repeat the cycle. And that show was HUGE baby.

However, I now understand and appreciate McQueen's fashion so much more now. He tried to merge fashion and politics (a monumental and quasi-impossible feat) and I must say... he succeeded epically. One of his collections was called "Highland Rape," referring to the invasion and massacre of Scotland by the English. The clothing featured were ripped, teared, spattered with 'blood.' The violence of the fashions was enough to make me shudder as I imagined this happening to real people. It made me feel repulsed by the horror of wars and genocide in general.


1) Have you seen any great exhibits lately? Or what museum show has impacted you the most?
For me, it was definitely the Alexander McQueen show.

2) Have you been traveling? Or where are you going for your next vacation?

Have a faboosh day!

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